The Cast

Karina Lenore Toan

Karina is not someone you'd want to meet in a dark alleyway, because the only reason she'd be in a dark alleyway is to catch someone for food. She's half vampire, half demon, but that doesn't mean she doesn't drink blood, it just means that she must have a monthly soul as well. She has something of an obsession with dark chocolate and red wine, and due to her inhuman nature, never gets drunk (unless a certain someone drugs the wine.) She's the daughter of Malise, the demoness, and an unknown vampire.

Sethmire Quickhoof

Currently masquerading as a human, Seth is in reality a satyr, and he's hell-bent on having some fun tonight at everyone else's expense. He'll freely admit to drugging the wine. Here's hoping Karina takes a while to catch up with him. We're not quite sure where Seth came from or even how long he's been around, but with 'Seth Quick' in evidence, it's sure to be an entertaining night at the very least.

Syra Fox

Syra is a Shaman for a race of people known as Wolvren. Their Goddess presides over wolves and a small spattering of the humans that worship her. Syra, as well as Shaman, is high priestess of the temple for the Goddess. Syra's very calm. She's laidback and rarely gets angry. She gets annoyed, but it's hard to upset her.


Catty showed up in a sudden, brief flash of bright blue, asked Seth to dance, and was never seen from again. o_O


Ancalime is a dark elf from "somewhere". She wears a magical collar to keep her attached to Findarato, because she needs him to keep her under control during her "rage blackouts'n'stuff". She's also a shapeshifter, because one of her parents was. "Or something."
Don't blame DVD. It has, after all, been more than a year since she played Ancalime.


Findarato, a drow elf, apparently has some kind of mysterious issues with vampires and/or demons, seeing as how he's out to get Karina. He's also got some kind of love/slavery thing going on with Ancalime. o_O


Shada is an elf who works for a man named Gorosh. Gorosh never appeared in this roleplay, but we can speculate that he has issues with either demons or drow, because Shada was sent to the ball on 'business', looking for some 'target', and because Shada spent most of her time in the roleplay following Karina and Findy around.
And Doodad officially gets the 'Last To Lose The Whoredom Status' Award!


Lisbeth showed up to the party because it was polite. She's not as rich as most everyone else there, and she's incredibly self-conscious. About the only interesting thing she ever did in her life was die.

Lady Ladriel Hawk Car'liel

She's a human. One of the only humans at the party. She's a bit of a ditz, or at least you think she is until she starts spouting sacrilegious theories. (No, really!) She's easily frightened, thinks a lot of herself, and can't stand being dirty unless it's for a good cause. Her older brother chose her middle name.


Ghost is physically weak, headstrong, bitchy, and passionate. She's always running from someone or something because she's untrusting and somewhat cowardly. She's currently running from the Armored Harbinger of Doom.


Gabriel is Syra's closest friend and weapon-happy warrior. Gabriel, while not part of the Wolvren society, is more welcome there than anywhere. Mainly because of her reputation. In the past, she was an assassin, working for the government in the larger cities, and bascially everywhere else. She was expensive, but she got the job done. She met Syra while traveling... because Syra was once a hit because of how powerful she was. Gabriel didn't end up finishing the job and so retired from the bloody business. Gabriel has a very very short temper. She can think on her feet and blah blah blah. (Don't look at me like that, I just copy and pasted what SHE wrote!)

The Armored Harbinger of Doom

He's evil. He's angry. He's destructive. He's involved in chaotic rituals. And ugly. That too.


Tyleeta has known Ghost for a long time and is usually very calm and serene, setting off Ghost's reckless lifestyle. She hardly ever gets angry, and is very protective of Ghost. She's also really boring. Nobody cares about Tyleeta.


Karina's dear old mum. She's a succubus, (read: an excuse for her to be teh sexy) and apparently frightens the pants off her daughter. She's manipulative, cunning, perfectly evil, and also very, very impatient. You probably have a great grandmother like her. She's the one who only bakes cookies if you clean house for her.

Jetta Desdemona

This figure cloaked all in black is a mystery to everyone. She appears to know quite a bit about dark magic, but doesn't practice it. She's apparently a storyteller, though her stories are rather gruesome. She has the odd power to change one thing into another, but she cannot do this upon herself or any other humans.

Voddio Waux

Voddio Waux is an exile from elven society, and makes his living smuggling illegal goods from dimension to dimension, mostly drugs and weapons. He's one tough cookie, and he doesn't take shit from nobody. Seth is one of his few friends, though they maintain a rather abusive relationship with each other. It's very peculiar how well they DO get along, actually, since he has no sense of humor whatsoever.

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